Sweetheart Through The Years

February 13-16, 2025

33rd Annual

‚ÄčSweetheart Jamboree

Anais Cordebard

Meet Anais Cordebard, a line dance instructor and enthusiast based in Southern California. Anais fell in love with line dancing at her local fair in 2017 and has been teaching line dance since 2019. In her first year competing, she qualified for the USLDCC Nationals 2021-2022 and also recently became a member of the Dancing Dragons Line Dance Team.

In addition to hosting in-person classes, Anais also shares her love of line dancing through her YouTube channel, which has over 100,000 views. She regularly posts tutorials and demos to help people learn online. Anais' goal is to help her students have fun and find joy & confidence on the dance floor. She believes that line dancing is for everyone and is dedicated to making her classes inclusive and accessible.

Anais is always looking to improve her own dancing and teaching skills, and loves line dancing everywhere she goes. She is also committed to using her skills to give back to her community and regularly participates in line dance events for charities, using the power of dance to make a difference. When she's not on the dance floor, you can find her with animals or relaxing in a Minion onesie with a good book.