February 17-20, 2022

30th Annual

Sweetheart Jamboree

 2020 Vendors

 To connect with any of our 2020 vendors please click the button for that vendor.

Friday Free Classes

Sweetheart Jamboree  offers FREE classes on Friday evening to allow folks to get a sample of what we are all about. 

Special thanks go to Evamarie Gordon and Maddie B for joining us this year.

2020 Event Swag!

Sweetheart Jamboree has partnered with Teespring to provide custom order shirts, tanks, leggings, hoodies and more!  Click the button below to order yours now.

 Executive Staff

Non-Profit Event

Sweetheart Jamboree is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. It is dedicated to the preservation and instruction of country, swing and line dance.

NEW! Thursday Night Lesson & Dance

Here is an exciting new chance to play at Sweetheart Jamboree.  Soleman & Angei will be hosting our first ever Thursday night Lesson & Dance.  The fun starts at 8pm with a WCS lesson and then dance the night away with Soleman playing Swing, Line, and Country.  Only $5!

Hotel Map

Need a map of the hotel meetings rooms that we are using?  Click the button below to see the floor layout for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor workshop rooms.

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Masquerade Ball

Jack OR Jill Contest

 Looking for a new challenge?  

          2016 marked the debut of our              Jack OR Jill line dance contest.    

For years the partner dancers have had the fun of competing  in Jack & Jill contests, so we looked for a way to let Line Dancers enjoy the same sort of challenge.

 Here's how it works:

On Friday afternoon, we will  teach the dance for the competition.  Anyone registered for the event  can take the class.  The name of the dance will not be released until that time so no one gets to practice ahead of time.

At 8:45 that evening the contest happens in the line dance ballroom. 

The entry fee is $5. To enter, bring your money to the contest and enter right on the floor. ​(No Instructors please)   ALL fees are returned as prize money to the 1st, 2nd  and 3rd place winners.  The 1st place  winner will also claim the title of "Jack OR Jill Champion" and will receive the Sweetheart Jamboree Jack OR Jill prize bag that has  been generously donated by our  contest sponsor, Steel Creek , Tacoma's finest Country nightclub.

 Weekend Schedule


 8:00 pm Kickoff Lesson & Dance  


 11:00 am Registration Desk opens
 12:30 pm Classes start 

 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm Free Classes

              (No entry fee required)

 8:00 pm Open Dancing in all 3 Ballrooms

 8:45 pm  Jack OR Jill Line Dance contest

 9:45 pm Jack AND Jill – WCS – Beg. & Int./Adv.

 10:30 pm Jack AND Jill – 2-Step – Beg. & Int./Adv.
 7:00 am Dinner table seating assignments opens

 8:00 am Registration Desk opens
 9:00 am Classes begin – see class schedule
 11:45 am Lunch break
 1:00 pm Classes resume – see class schedule
 3:45 pm Main Ballroom closes for setup
 6:30 pm Ballroom opens for dinner
 6:45 pm Dinner served
 8:30 pm(ish)  - Line Dance & Swing rooms open  for dancing immediately after the dinner show.    Main Ballroom will re-open for dancing after the  dinner tables are cleared.  
 8:30 am Registration desk opens
 9:00 am Classes begin – see class schedule
 12:50 am Lunch Break
 1:40 pm Quilt Drawing
 2:00 pm Classes resume – see class schedule
 4:30 pm Classes finish -See you next year!