February 9-12, 2023

31st Annual

Sweetheart Jamboree

Kat Nichols

Kat is an Oregon-based line dance instructor, she has been teaching since 2017. 

She moved to the PNW from Arizona where she resided for 15 years and was a nationally ranked competitive figure skater, choreographer, and coach. 

Moving to the PNW meant the loss of her skating career, but the transition afforded her the opportunity to try her hand at a new creative outlet. 

She began instructing line dance with Amy Bailey and Lynn Bryan at Duke’s American Bar and Grill in Portland, OR. 

Since its closure, you can find her classes around the Portland area at Bushwhackers Saloon, The Ponderosa Lounge, and Shawn Gardner Dancing. 

Sweetheart Jamboree will be Kat’s first dancing convention and she is looking forward to sharing her love of music and movement with all of you. 

Find her on Facebook and Instagram @linedancingwithkat