Sweetheart Through The Years

February 13-16, 2025

33rd Annual

Sweetheart Jamboree

Kat Nichols

Kat is a Portland-Metro based line dance instructor. 

She is the current Director of Dance for The Oregon Jamboree and the Program Coordinator for Bushwhacker’s Saloon.

You can find her classes around the Portland-Metro area at Bushwhackers Saloon, The Ponderosa Lounge, Oak Knoll Winery, The Silver Spur, Paola's Pizza, and more.

Kat started teaching line dancing with Amy Bailey and Lynn Bryan at Duke’s American Bar and Grill in Portland, OR.

Kat's artistic career began in figure skating where she spent the better part of twenty years competing, performing and choreographing.

This is Kat's second year at The Sweetheart Jamboree and she is thrilled to be returning as a line dance instructor!