Susan Clark

Roaring Twenties!

29th Annual

Sweetheart Jamboree

February 14-15-16, 2020

Susan started line dancing in 1997 and quickly took to it like a fish to water. She hails from Surrey, BC, Canada and she has been having a blast teaching since 2002. Besides her weekly class she has taught at events in the Lower Mainland and Washington State as well as guest instructed at other classes in both those areas. She also enjoys working different special events, be it school fund raisers or Christmas parties and sharing the progression of line dancing over the years.

Susan has competed in a number of Choreography competitions and some of you may even remember her “Kick Back to Mexico” or “Shim Sham Boogie”. She has also competed in a number of Duo and Small team events and even sanctioned Line Dance competition.

She enjoys making people laugh be it dancing as a Nerd, a Clown or even to the extent of winning such esteemed titles as the #1 Bag Lady (ask me about it sometime). What she enjoys most though is sharing her love of dance and traveling all over North America to different dance events where she gets to see old friends again and meet some wonderful new ones.