February 9-12, 2023

Terry West has been with the Sweetheart Jamboree every year since its inception. He began as the sole West Coast Swing instructor and later became the Swing Room DJ and sound system contractor for the entire event.

He is widely known throughout the Northwest and was instrumental in helping to establish and expand the West Coast Swing dance community through his contributions as an instructor, DJ, workshop promoter, and sound system contractor for the Seattle Swing Dance Club, the Spokane Swing Dance Club, the Portland Swing Dance Club, the Portland Dance Festival, Terry West Productions, as well as the Sweetheart Jamboree.

He has also appeared on the DJ staffs of the Phoenix 4th of July Swing Dance Convention and the US Open Swing Dance Convention in Los Angeles. In 2007 he was inducted into the Swing DJ Hall of Fame.

Currently, Terry is active as a dance instructor and DJ for many of the ballroom dance groups in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.

Terry West

31st Annual

‚ÄčSweetheart Jamboree